An ordinance an ordinance of the Township of South Union requiring municipal waste reduction by the establishment of a recycling program and defining the scope thereof; determining the legal authority and purposes and goals of enactment; establishing the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Township of South Union; designating site(s) for disposal and or processing; implementing a source-separation and collection program for recyclable materials; authorizing recycling by resource recovery or landfill facility operators including drop-off centers; requiring certain public notice; requiring annual reports; and prescribing penalties for violation.

An ordinance providing for the health and welfare of the citizens of the Township of South Union, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, by regulating the accumulation, collection, and disposal of solid waste, and setting the penalties for violation thereof.

An ordinance (i) requiring each owner of property accessible to a public water supply system to connect therewith; (ii) providing remedies for an owner's neglect or refusal to connect; (iii) providing for water connection permits and the issuance thereof; (iv) establishing certain rules with respect to water connections; and (v) providing penalties for violations hereof.

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