Residents are mandated under state law to recycle. Recycling cans are available at the Township office. 

Items collected include clear and colored glass, aluminum, tin and steel cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and magazines. The items are picked up curbside once each month.

Commercial, institutional, and municipal establishments must also recycle.

You can locate your street and pick-up day in the map above, or you can confirm your pick up day by calling the Township office at 724-438-5480.  If your day falls on a holiday, your recyclables will picked up the next business day.


Preparing Items for Recycling

The glass, bi-metals and plastic must be rinsed and the labels removed from the bi-metals only.  The lids must be removed from the glass and plastic.  Recycling cans may be picked up at the Township Office on Township Drive.

Newspapers and magazines are to be bundled and bagged separately. 

Recycling Fee

Starting in February, 2017, a $1.00 per month recycling charge will be assessed each household and business within South Union Township.  This charge will be incorporated into the monthly sewage bills.  The charge will cover the operating expenses of the Pennsylvania mandated curbside pickup.  This fee is necessary due to the ever-increasing operational costs incurred.

Please recycle.  More participation will result in a lower cost for this mandated program.  Less recyclable materials are collected, thereby resulting in less income that is generated from the sale of these processed recyclable materials.

If you wish to confirm your pick up day or have questions about recycling, call the Township office at 724-438-5480 or send us a message.

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