Our Roots

The history of South Union Township began when the Township was formed from Union Township in 1851. Union Township was split along the National Road into North Union and South Union Townships.

Union Township was originally created in 1783 and was one of Fayette County’s original townships. Separately, the borough of Uniontown was taken from Union Township in 1796, and a part of Wharton Township was added to Union Township in 1802.

Modern Development

In 1980, we opened the South Union Township Recreational Center. Today the "Rec Center" houses 2 basketball courts, shower/locker rooms, nautilus/weight rooms, and a steam room.

Areford Park playground was built in the mid 1980s and underwent renovations and improvements in the 2000s. Today the park includes tennis courts, 2 all-purpose baseball/soccer/football fields, concession stand, and a ½ mile walking/jogging course.

Development of South Union Township Community Park started in the 1970s with construction of a little league field. Soon after followed the teener league field, and then Nichols field in the 1980s, and Mulholland field in the early 1990s. Located in the Hutchinson Area, the 32-acre park today features little league and teener league baseball, and soccer leagues.  The park includes 2 concession stands, 4 lighted baseball/softball fields, soccer field, basketball court, 7 pavilions, new playground, and a ¾ mile walking/jogging path.

Interesting Facts

  • South Union Township was the first municipality to start a soccer league in Fayette County - we started ours in 1982.
  • For years we were the only second class township in Pennsylvania to have an indoor recreational facility - we built ours in 1980.
  • We started our recycling program in 1991.
  • Walmart was constructed in 1992 - that’s when our Township's retail development exploded.
  • Most recently, our Sheepskin Trail, including a beautiful, vintage-looking covered bridge, was completed in 2017.