An ordinance of the Township of South Union, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, signifying the desire and intention of said township to organize a joint municipal authority with the township of North Union and the City of Uniontown to be known as the Greater Uniontown Sewage Treatment Plant Authority and formed under the provisions of the municipality authorities act of 1945, as amended, for the purpose of leasing, holding, operating, maintaining and improving the sewage treatment plant which serves the City of Uniontown and portions of North Union Township and South Union Township; appointing the first members of the board of the joint authority from the Township of South Union and setting forth their respective terms of office; setting forth the proposed articles of incorporation and authorizing the proper officers of the Township of South Union to execute said articles of incorporation for and on behalf of said township; directing notice of this ordinance to be published in the manner provided by said act; directing the filing of said articles of incorporation according to law; repealing all inconsistent ordinances or parts thereof; and, providing that this act shall take effect immediately upon final passage and approval.

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