An ordinance prohibiting the repetitive and unnecessary driving of motor vehicles, also known as cruising, in a designated area of the Township of South Union; defining cruising; establishing designated areas; and providing a penalty for violation.

Amendment to the zoning ordinance of South Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Ordinance approving collection procedures and adopting schedule of attorney fees to be added to the amount collected as part of municipal claims for delinquent accounts

An ordinance of the Township of South Union, Fayette County, Pennsylvania to control and correct certain conditions connected with the activities of persons entering upon private residential properties for the purpose of soliciting, as herein defined. The Board of Supervisors having first determined that soliciting can and does lead to crime, fraud and invasion of the privacy of township residents in the quiet enjoyment of their homes before and after normal working hours. The ordinance is also designed to prevent similar abuses by transient merchants.

An ordinance amending the solid waste management ordinance of the Township of South Union by providing that all solid waste generated in the township shall be collected by a township contracted collector

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