Amendment to the zoning ordinance of South Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Ordinance of the Township of South Union authorizing execution of a cable franchise agreement between the Township and Cogeco US (Penn), LLC d/b/a/ Breezeline.

Adopting an amendment to the Township of South Union Waste Reduction Ordinance (No. 1-90) requiring the recycling of all recyclable products by the host and organizers of all community events which take place on South Union Township property.

An ordinance of the Township of South Union directing and requiring the connection of all occupied buildings with public sanitary sewers in the Township on premises accessible thereto; directing and requiring the abandonment of privy vaults, cesspools and septic tanks on such premises; prohibiting the erection and construction of privy vaults, cesspools and septic tanks in and upon such premises; providing for the method of connection between occupied buildings and said sanitary sewers and for the inspection thereof; providing for the issuance of permits and the payment of tap charges therefor; defining unacceptable sanitary sewage; and providing penalties for violation hereof.

An ordinance regulating the construction and repairing of all sidewalks, curbs and gutters in the Township of South Union, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, by providing for the fixing and designation and repair thereof, for specifications and expenses of construction and repair thereof, prohibiting the planting and maintenance of trees between curbs and sidewalks, prohibiting open gutters in curbs and sidewalks, providing for the removal of snow and ice, and providing for the issuance of permits and the fixing of fees and charges therefore and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

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